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About Me

Stacey Coger

Hey there, I'm Stacey, your friendly neighborhood photographer!


What began as a little hobby blossomed into a passion, especially after welcoming my first child five years back.  Now, capturing those magical moments is not just a job—it's my calling! With my amazing hubby by my side for over a decade and our two adorable daughters lighting up our lives, every day is an adventure. When I'm not behind the camera, you can catch me fueling my caffeine addiction, dancing in the kitchen to Morgan Wallen, diving into a good book, belting out to Taylor Swift, savoring an ice-cold beer with Tajin, baking a tasty treat, or dreaming about tropical getaways. Oh, and did I mention I'm a total chatterbox? Yup, I love a good chat and I'm all about breaking the ice with some awkward moments—just kidding, sort of! Let's capture some memories and have a blast doing it!

Family photo by Danielle Mancino Photography

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